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    1. Every step of development, from the sincere pay

      The development of every step stems from the sincere effort









      RUIDA IN 1989

      RUIDA IN 1993

      RUIDA IN 1997

      RUIDA IN 2000

      RUIDA IN 2002

      RUIDA IN 2008

      RUIDA IN 2012

      RUIDA IN 2020

      Trust Flow

      success system


      Rita machinery based on "sincerity" 2 words, we put the work when the character, use this attitude to do things to the customer, a scale from the original in place, to the packaging machine, the conveyor line, the project well, and so on, so to the goodwill obsession to the pursuit of perfect perfectly, make every piece of work, won the trust of the customers, and behind the more suppliers, cell, trust and support of our government, and has its own system, people do bad things to us, this is customers for our trust.Get the drawings we provide can make high-quality parts, this is the supplier's trust in us;The government's strong support for whatever resources we need is the government's confidence in us.A virtuous cycle system has enabled ruida to maintain healthy and stable growth for more than 30 years.

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